Dark Arts Collective started as a “spin-off” of sorts to another studio. It was meant to be a collective of
artists into different branches of art and with different in expressions that make one cohesive “brand”.

Hard life in Serbia never let the idea live on, but the name stuck.
I split my time equally between working in Belgrade with Dark Arts Collective and u Augsburg in
Germany where I co-own “All In Tattoo and Piercing Studio” with my wife Jule and our friend and
colleague Macy.

Tattooing is an art form, but it is also a business and tattoos are done for the clients. I usually never turn
people away, as long as they act like normal human beings. It rarely happens that a person can’t meet
my minimalistic standards, but then I don’t work with that person anymore and that is it.

I love to work with people who are open for communication and understand that my advice about
design changes and placement is there to help them have a great tattoo. When I click with the client,
and if we manage to form a good relationship during the process, the results are unforgettable in many